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Attention to the maintenance of sofa

1. Maintenance of cloth art sofa.

Cloth art sofa is the sofa that is made with textile fabrics. The cloth is generally soft, design is rich, so this kind of sofa has line roundness, sit down freely, modelling is novel, style diversiform characteristic, apply to all sorts of home.

At least once a week, especially to remove dust from the fabric structure.

If the pad can be turned over, it should be turned over once a week to make the wear evenly distributed.

If there is a stain, it can be wiped clean with a clean cloth, so as not to leave a mark, it is better to remove from the periphery of the stain. Velvet furniture should not touch water, should use dry cleaner.

All bushing and bushing should be dry-cleaned, not washed, and bleached.

If you find that the thread is loose, do not tear it with your hands, and use scissors to trim it neatly.

2. Maintenance of leather sofa.

The leather absorption ability is strong, should pay attention to antifouling, it is best to wipe leather softener in spring and autumn season.

Once a week use clean towel to dip the water wrung dry and gently wipe the sofa.

If there is a stain on the leather, wipe it with a clean wet sponge and let it dry naturally.

If there is a soft drink on the leather, use a clean cloth or sponge to dry it immediately and wipe it with a wet cloth to make it dry naturally.

If you have grease, use dry cloth to wipe clean, or clean with detergent, do not scrub with water.

If there are holes in the hole, broken or damaged, do not repair them without permission. Please contact professional service personnel.

The leather sofa should be placed in the ventilated and dry place, should not be wiped or washed with water, avoid damp, mouldy and moth-eaten, not in the sun.

The study of sofa of choose and buy.

The form of furniture is diversified, each furniture has different use again, if can know more to it, that buys furniture, will be more practical.

When it comes to buying a sofa, you can choose to buy a variety of different textures, colors, local or foreign imports.

As local living standards continue to rise, people are getting richer, incomes are rising, and the demand for sofas is particularly strict and selective, and the price is more popular.

When choosing sofa, need to pay attention to a few key points, let you have reference:

Sofa is the furniture that is indispensable in the sitting room, it can entertain guest, with family together, also convenient you watch TV, read books and periodicals.

Have single sofa seats, two seats, and three seats, can make the arrangement of different, so choose sofa, must first consider sitting room space and use, and then choose the appropriate supplement in accordance with the overall design. When choosing, you should pay attention to the following points:

Test sofa is to want to sit up first to see, if fruit feels contact to the bottom of the ministry, had better choose other sofa. No matter how you sit, you can strongly support your body is a good sofa.

When buying a sofa, try to sit in a different position. If you like to sit cross-legged, the sofa seats are deeper; If you sit on a regular basis, the seats are too deep or too shallow.

The sofa in the market, general appearance is not not very close, but the material that USES is different, so do not buy the sofa of inferior quality with high price. The heavier the sofa, the better quality. A leather sofa usually weighs more than a cloth sofa.

Don't just pay attention to the price, because some of the sofa with the same appearance is made with different materials, it is better to study the quality of sofa first.

It is generally considered that the coiled spring sofa is good, but if the spring is not specially treated, the time is long, the sofa may make a creak sound.

In order to avoid being misled by the spacious showroom, you should first know your living room area before choosing to buy.