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Changeable sofa, play the acme space.

In many families, people hope to create a variety of personalized life through the change and combination of the sofa. For example, fold the back of a chair of sofa, the sofa can be adjust into can sit can lie and flexible state: naughty children, adults, family gathering, cozy solitude, relaxation half a lie, and even sleep in the night, all with varied sofa closely linked together.

In the household trend of diversity, sofa is popular, already not only use function quietly extend, but give more life grade.

Make a difference

In recent years the bedroom popular American style and rustic style, flower, luxurious, mix build wait for a keyword, this kind of style is popular behind is the retro that fashionable bound desire and lazy amorous feelings. Still continue into the New Year, this kind of style, but a new contracted style to "visual ultramodern + feel super comfortable" come back, the design feels, high-tech, modelling beauty, comfort, and colorful color is become a new popular contracted --

Bold use of color, decorated with bright colour, so as to create new experience in the same space, and will continue to be the main color is white still, in contrast with the through interaction with black and shiny surface, form bright contrast; Red will not be pure red, should be slightly slightly purple; Green must bring a little blue to call vogue, reflect a kind of edge color feeling; Fresh and soft bright green grass, will also be popular in the future design. Apple's grassy green, denim gray blue, orange orange, coffee bean like bright coffee... Through changeable color, can match different modelling, also can match different material, build multivariate style, show pattern all the time is enchanting.

All kinds of personalized style sofa also become fashion choices, lovely palm, nifty banana sofa sofa, and personality of pumpkin sofa, every detail of life become a designer's inspiration.

In addition, a lot of sofa and carpet, adorn article style fit along with them, and reflect a sofa design trend: people should not only pay attention to the sofa, also should pay attention to the carpet and other accessories, to create a whole new way of life. Through different combinations and different colors, as well as the ingenious design of armrest and backrest, the production process changes to create a variety of space to meet people's more personalized needs.

Interpret comfortable life

Like fashion, in the personalized today, sofa also closely follows the trend of The Times, in the design more attention to art and function in the product unity, every detail change is extremely human. "Comfortable" as the design concept, joined in the design of the humanistic care, more let people in the growing pressure of life, enjoy a more relaxed, more natural way of life, all we need is not just a product, but a new life.

Past people care about most is the style of sofa, and with the longer stay on the sofa, the problem is, the more - sitting on the sofa and total slipping, how to sit and are uncomfortable, will be tired after a long time... What is most important to choose a sofa? In fact, the most important function of sofa is comfortable, functional sofa while joined the various function such as lay, shaking, massage, and these functions are to the body comfortable, each section of the feeling to sit on sofa to one's own body to achieve the perfect fit.

The fit of sofa and body, also depend on the structure of sofa and fill material. In general, the structure of each type of sofa are similar, the wooden frame is used to form the basic support structure of sofa, filler materials and the different way of filling is largely formed the different of the sofa "sit". The sofa of a humanized design, not only will choose harmless to the body filler, also from the filling density, hardness, sofa how many aspects of full consideration of the different parts of the filling amount, when by sitting on it, every part of the human body is received the support of sofa, like hands firmly hold feeling. Only in this way can you get enough relaxation and rest on the sofa.

In addition, according to the ergonomic design of the products in line with the human curve, beautiful and more effective in reducing physical fatigue. When people lie down and stretch, they have the ability to support themselves from head to foot. People are like lying in a state of weightlessness, which can not only reduce fatigue, but also promote blood circulation and improve health.

Bring happiness

With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more new elements are beginning to "penetrate" into the home. Traditional furniture craft and innovation of science and technology after the collision, the avant-garde, bold striking effects, such as wood, metal, glass and other materials to engraving, printing, on the modelling of hollow out, accurately represent the designers want to express strong visual effects, such as all kinds of new plastic and organic glass, color cutting molding sponge, printed cloth, printed cover, all kinds of metal sculpture with perforations; Transform simple sofa into complex and changeable modelling, especially the design of many single person sofa, artistic component is far more than use function.

Elements, functional sofa is the first choice and innovation of science and technology will be the fabrics of sofa, material qualitative, color and so on are integrated into consideration to design, to meet different ages, different careers and different living habits.

Scientific and technological progress has led to the innovation of sofa material, and different materials mix and match, reflecting the new design concept. On material process, more highlights the characteristics of different material texture and texture, through the different technology and process, present the beauty of different materials, brightly colored paint and pearl skin became popular in the sofa design new materials. In the traditional fabrics, cotton, hemp, silk and mixed fabric design also strive to break through and innovate, the texture is more exquisite, the texture is also more solid.

At the same time, technology enables people to enjoy a more personalized life style, such as the footstool under the sofa, which can effectively support the legs while appreciating the movie and TV series. The rise and fall table that sofa is designed, convenient for people to take the tea cup, magazine conveniently from handy, even without table, the wish that enjoys food on sofa also can be realized easily.