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Choose sofa ‘face’ more quality

Among the numerous furniture, plasticity is the strongest of the sofa furniture, it can not only visually show the overall visual style, you can peer into a person's personality. Represents the living room the sofa or lounge look, some people like beautiful beautiful, comfort comfortable down in the second; it was not heavy fabric material, just want to lay down beds; others like sofa sets, easy hupenghuanyou; someone obsessed remix, sofa and outdoor stencil harmony.

Many people when choosing a sofa, often focusing only on their favorite styles and colors, and ignore the inherent quality of the sofa. After months of use, you will find a lot of problems, such as sitting on the sofa is always down, often sit one place left unsightly dents, serious deformation fabrics washed only once. A good sofa must be moderate hardness, supported and comfortable, filling density and permeability are excellent, not easily deformed. No matter what pressure, and tightly-packed, it can rebound quickly after releasing pressure, even if long-term use can keep good form. Sofa fabric by gum, you can minimize the tiny dirt and bacteria on the sofa. Once contaminated by dust and dirt on the surface, and only with a damp cloth or special cleaner to easily wipe, fabric not to frequent washing, also reduces the deformations of the opportunity.