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Common sense: encyclopedia of sofa cleaning method

Beauty is beauty, cleaning difficult behavior. Now home to have a sofa, greasy sofa wanted longer in America requires routine cleaning ~ sofas of different materials have different cleaning methods, we take a look at Fabric sofas and leather sofa cleaning tips.

And clothe fabric sofa cleaning
1. it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner or a towel to dust once a week, don't forget to help, back of the sofa and other small places of dust, not too wet towels.

2. couch took a year or so, you can use the cleanser, be sure to thoroughly wash detergent, or more vulnerable to stains.

3. Designer sofas direct cleaning, remember do not bleach. If flexible sheathing is not conducive to ironing cotton jacket can not be ironed.

4. If the sofa cushions you can flip, the best flip, wear the uniform distribution. Found loose threads, do not use hand break, the best scissors cut neatly Ping.

Second, how leather sofa cleaning
1. can be used wet towels dipped in professional foam cleaner to clean the sofa again, then wipe with a slightly damp towel. If there are conditions, such as sofa dry oil that nourish the dermal after playing it again.

2. leather sofa scratched first to prevent a sharp object, and then to avoid grease. If oil is accidentally, immediately with detergent cleaning.

Sofa best in a ventilated place, avoid jumping on the couch.