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Hang a picture properly to be barely discernable

Some people like hanging on the wall over the whole picture, but no layout artistry at, not knowing that not only would not have the effect of decorative landscaping, but expose the owner's taste and aesthetic problems.

This is the form of paintings. Here are four paintings decorated with lucky effect, inadvertently change your home environment.

1, parallel method

Combination pattern hung in a parallel manner, concise, crisp. Of course, the arrangement is variable and can be parallel or vertical hanging. This hanging in the composition with classical symmetry.

Is in need of attention, such pictures are advised to select the contents of a relaxed, lively.

2, scattered method

Scattered hanging is the method for scattered picture frames to decorate the walls. Picture frame sizes with geometric patterns and principles, highlighting the overall effect and individuals respectively.

This method is more modern, color of foil and coordination also constitutes an important part of decorating: the Visual Center of the pattern often fall on a large picture. If small enough eye-catching, can only play the role of decorated foil.

3, shelf hanging

Mount a shelf on the wall, icing of the decorative effect. Shelf holds art also is in the center part, heavyweight, with the television theme wall and the whole living room décor, select or Western or Eastern or traditional or modern art.

4, combination method

Combination method refers to the one created for the units, with a main picture for the Center and the rest around the decorated, with clear priorities, focused, constitute a special decorative effect.