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How sofa maintenance of your home?

With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more families to buy leather sofa high, thousands of Yuan and tens of thousands of leather sofa set is very unusual; creamy, white and other light colored leather sofa by an increasing number of families of favor. Fun-enjoy the life of luxury sofas, when will think of how to maintain a good sofa, so that the enjoyment of this life forever.

Sofa maintenance
First, when a new sofa to buy back, can be sprayed on fabric cleaning agent to prevent dirt or oil absorption. The arm of the sofa, cushion is most likely dirty places, can be put on the couch towels.

Second, Fabric sofa easy ash should be regularly vacuum cleaner tools such as dust, but not close to the brush head cloth, so as not to leave the stain in fabric or threads started. Usually dry towels available to beat, vacuuming at least once a week.

Third, the wear resistance than leather sofa Fabric sofa, best to avoid the old sitting in the same position. Found loose lint, not to break it by hand, using scissors to cut neatly Ping. If Removable cushions, best turn once a week, wearing the uniform distribution.

Four, most lining cushions and washing machines wash furniture dealer should be identified because some of them may have special washing requirements, Velvet furniture is not wet, dry cleaning agents should be used.

When he was five, fabric glue stain, clean cloth dipped in water that are available from the outside in wiping or use fabric detergent in accordance with the instructions of use. As the sofa sticking chewing gum glue, use an ice pack or ice water cools, fine linen cloth to gently wipe again to remove. Avoid sweat stains, water stains and dust sitting on the couch. About half a year or so to clean again.

Six, if the sofa has been dirty, can use special cleaner for sofas or carpet with a clean white cloth dipped in small amounts, dirty clean it repeatedly until remove stains, do not use a lot of water washing to avoid water entering into sofa layer, causing deformation, sofa sofa frame with damp, shrink, affect the overall appearance of sofa.