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How to better maintain leather sofa!

Dermal sofa leather is typically made from pigskin, cowhide, etc all kinds of animal fur, and people choose leather sofa for flexible handle delicate touch feeling, to some extent, the selection of a leather sofa is the symbol of high quality life. However, there is some difficulty in the maintenance of leather upholstery, and the constant Yang family decoration is here to share some simple leather sofa maintenance common sense.

Guarantee room ventilation

Due to the particularity of dermal sofa leather has certain requirements, so the air quality of indoor air is too dry or wet will accelerate the cortical aging progress, not just any kind of leather is leather sofa should avoid direct sunlight, determines the location of the place material to avoid various outlet, avoid leather harden even fade.

It is strictly forbidden to clean with soap and water.

In general, leather fabrics try not to use soapy water, dishwashing essence and so on inside contain harmful material cleanser to undertake maintenance to sofa.

Soap and water in the clean surface stains at the same time may cause a degree of corrosion on the sofa, furniture over time will have dimmed or even fold, serious word will mold the last serious shorten the life of sofa.

Rub your hands well.

The surface of leather sofa of general leather is very soft so the time that undertake to maintain is strictly forbidden to rub vigorously, in order to prevent damage surface material, when clean, pay special attention.

Sofa maintenance

Leather sofa needs regular maintenance, it is recommended to clean every other week. When the surface of the sofa has besmear, wipe with clean water first, after that use the nurse to wipe one to two times can.