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How to buy sofa?

Sofa with its unique adornment sex and use sex, occupy important position in family adornment. A set of striking and chic sofa, not only can the bedroom set off elegant and generous, still can show host's hobby and grade. How to choose a set of quality, style and price satisfied sofa, become the household that many people care about.

The modern society is constantly updated with a bewildering array of popular intelligence, and the pervasive trend of popular intelligence permeates the details of the furniture world. Change gives people a fresh and amazing feeling, and changes bring more convenience, comfort and harmony to people. Immerse yourself in the soft world of sofas, so that you can appreciate this more clearly. With the rising of people's living needs is not only a simple sit chair, sofa people choose sofa, not only requires good appearance generous, smooth plump, modelling novel and chic, sui generis, also put forward higher requirements on the function. Often very popular in the United States such as the current one is a blend of shaking, chair, sofa, chair and swivel chair a variety of functions in one of the sofa, the sofa is the sofa to the development of functional, intelligent, automation a revolution, so to speak, in imperceptible in, soft and comfortable is not for the main feeling of sofa, multi-function, human nature has begun to become another major points of the sofa. However, the material category of sofa still divides into hard wood sofa, leather sofa and cloth art sofa three kinds, and for the sofa of three kinds of different styles, people also still is a basket of cabbage each have love.

However, the first two years of popular, almost every family of hardwood sofa is now a former yellow flower, cloth art sofa and leather sofa again become people to choose sofa hot spot.

Take leather sofa to say, its breathability is good, endure dirty and durable, have dirty mark to wipe with damp rag or bili bead is ok. However, its price is more expensive than other similar sofas, such as sharp, hard objects, not easy to repair, and the surrounding furniture matching range is narrower.

Although many friends are very fond of coriaceous sofa, but the classification of its coriaceous, wood is decorated not very understanding. The best way to find a satisfying sofa is to know each other, and there's a lot of difference in the price of the leather.

According to expert introduction, sofa exterior skin can atmosphere whole green skin, half blue skin and pressing grain skin. Whole green skin refers to the raw skin of hair and meat, directly dyed, and slightly sprayed to fill the skin of the scar.

This kind of leather breathability, comfortable feeling is good, because the chemical agent that USES in making leather is less, also harmless health, easy maintenance. Judging from the appearance of the finished sofa, most of them are made of fur. When pressing with the hand, there are fewer wrinkles. The semi - green skin is a layer of skin that cuts off the raw skin, which is the skin of the whole green skin. For finished products of sofa is half green husk, impressions, simple sense and comfort are better, so or in the leather, the price is much cheaper than a full green husk sofa, be most consumer choice. The third one is the embossed skin, which is about to cut a thin layer of semi-green skin. This kind of scar is heavier, the fly's eye is deeper, it needs to be deeply polished and refilled to make sofa skin. Because the surface of the skin and texture are poor, to compensate for this deficiency, most of the process is embossed.

It is easy to choose, but its color is rich and the style is changeable. However, most but not all leather sofa leather, in general, is in direct contact with parts of the body wrapped leather, such as handrails, cushion and cushion for leaning on of parts, other parts, simple sense is close to the color of leather class instead. This is a small mistake that the consumer chooses leather sofa, it can play a big role to the price of sofa, so, you should notice when buying.

Here's what the experts suggest:

1. Ask the source of the cortex. For example, whether it is an imported leather or a homemade skin, whether it is all-green or semi-green.

2. Ask about the source of sofa decoration materials. For example, beech wood or water, is imported beech wood or domestic beech.

Check the softness and elasticity of the sofa bag.