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How to choose modern minimalist style sofa?

First, see if the sofa skeleton sturdy
Strong fabric sofa skeleton, the relationship between the guarantee of quality and the life of the sofa itself. Specific method is, lift up one end of the sofa, lifted part off the ground 10cm, check the other side off the ground if the ground, indicating strong skeleton structure.

Second, see how Fabric sofas fill material quality
Quality of fill material, related to the life of the sofa. Specific method is that with the hand on the arm of the sofa and back, if you can clearly feel the wood frame, sofas fill material density is not high, the elasticity is good enough, will also accelerate the wear of sofa cloth cover, reducing the life of the sofa.

Third, testing fabric sofa back stretch
Return of the sofa, and also the life of the sofa. Specific method is that body free-falling home sofa, sofa cushion to bounce at least 2 or more of the body, in order to justify the sofa elastic, very good.

Four, check the sofa's surface to see if skin irritation
Sofa's surface, whether there is irritation of the skin. Specific method is hands felt surface of the sofa, all the parts of the sofa fabric color is uniform, the joint parts are solid formation, works fine.

Five, check the details of the sofa
This is very important, be sure to check it carefully! Concrete is made by the check, open the zipper matching pillow, observing and touching the inside of the lining and filler; lift the bottom of the sofa is detailed, couch leg is straight, smooth surface handling, details such as whether there is a mat on the bottom part of the leg. Sofa in good detail quality remains fine.