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How to clean leather sofa? Leather sofa practice?

Sofa is one of the furniture that every family has, face now on the market the sofa of beautiful things in full view, which material sofa suits people more? In the sofa of all sorts of material qualitative, small make up has a special liking to coriaceous sofa. Concerned coriaceous sofa, in daily use, what needs the place that consumer pays attention to attention to? Next come to see how leather sofa cleans maintain.

Coriaceous sofa clean first step: first use gauze dipped in warm water to the surface of the leather sofa to wipe clean, then use the supermarket can buy leather abrasive cleaner and protective agent is wiped, remember don't be too hard. In addition, the inner surface of banana peel also has a protective effect on the surface of cortical materials, which is cheap and worth a try.

Leather sofa cleans the 2nd step: still have a few synthetic leather copy leather sofa can produce mouldy mark after damp, how does such leather sofa wash? The mould of synthetic leather imitation leather, it is because the fiber of leather bottom receives damp, add surface dirt to accumulate and become. The longer the time, the stronger the fiber and the mildew spot bond. Deal with this kind of mildew spot, dip with old tooth brush first take high liquor, wipe the place that has mildew spot. Then wipe with a cloth to allow the wine and mildew to evaporate. If this method is not effective, use ammonia water to dilute 20 times with water, with towel not easy to wipe away the mildew spot, wait for volatilization to dry, clean.

The 3rd step of coriaceous sofa cleanness: about besmirch, the dermal sofa of all sorts of colour and lustre, especially the dermal surface of shallow colour and lustre, use a bit longer can besmirch besmirch. Available such as detergent cleaning fluid dilution, wiped a dip in with towel soaked with the leather surface, then use glass bottles "safety bleaching water" take dip in with towel to wipe the fouling, sofa surface wipe clean with clear water soaks towel finally.

Dermal sofa usually made from pigskin, cowhide, horse leather raw materials such as, according to the leather sofa material classification has the original green husk, all green husk, embossed leather, crack skin four categories, the original green husk and full of green husk or strong scalability, good texture, through strict processing technology, leather wear less, the luxury acura of sofa is fine, general is expensive.

Compared with other sofas on the market, leather sofas have various advantages. In daily use process, want to notice ventilated, avoid sofa because too dry or damp environment and ageing, easy craze scrap. Clean proper, must use leather softener first nurse agent, such ability to affect leather to the minimum. If sofa appears furrow apparent mark, must maintain nurse in time, lest craze affects use.

So in making, how does coriaceous sofa make commonly? Tend to be on dermal sofa corner accumulate dust dirt, reoccupy after nursing agent on the surface spray cleaning wet wet sponge or soft cloth wipe gently, nooks and crannies wipe dirt along the dermal sofa of texture. For hard to remove the stain, use specially designed for heavy dirt leather cleaner, if the effect is not obvious, can use soft brush touch water to stubborn dirt, of course, also can use vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust of sofa.

About the production method of coriaceous sofa and the place that daily cleanness maintains needs attention, small make up and everybody introduce here first. To a lot of consumer, coriaceous sofa compares other sofa, have certain dominant position above use. So when everybody has the intention of buying sofa, small make up believe coriaceous sofa is consumer people's good choice certainly.