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Read before buying a sofa

Sofa can be regarded as the home of the second bed, cross-legged sitting, reclining, and lying, crooked how can it's irreplaceable in the second heaven! if couch pick well, but will affect your comfort level. To get to know what kind of sofa for yourself.

Read before buying a sofa
Sofa type selection
1, leather sofas are the most popular with Chinese families a sofa, it brings you comfort for a long time not because of the passage of time and disappeared.
2, linen fabric sofa, breathable, absorbs moisture, and the more you use the more flexible.
3, high-back sofa foam contours to your body, let the full comfort of the lumbar and neck support, has sat for a long time did not feel tired.

Couch blanket and pillow charm
1, the textile parts can not only increase your comfort level, and sofa can add a soft warm feel.
2, mixing several different colors, textures, shapes and accessories, decorate the whole atmosphere of the space, creating a sofa with a new corner.

Other tips
1, not necessarily big sofa, armchair and sofa combination of lithe, more suitable for more partying.
2, or sofa with armchairs, as long as you sit comfortably, it was OK.
3, tatami sofa with the powerful storage capabilities is a good choice for small apartment house.
4, with the easy movement of the side table, more plump sofas, sitting there anything handy, lazy lazy man's clever live act.