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Road to leather sofa maintenance

Leather sofas, erase sofa surface dust and dirt, then care agent (such as bi-Rachel) light to clean the surface of the sofa to two again (do not use care products containing wax) so that forms a protective film on the leather surface, making future easy depth dermal pores dirt, easier to clean later.

In addition to the outside to avoid a sharp object scratched leather, avoid greasy, ball-point pen, ink and other dirty sofa. Such stains on the sofa should immediately use leather cleaner to clean, if there is no leather cleaning agent, use clean white towels a little alcohol wipe gently blot, dry wet towels to dry for later use, and finally with protective agent care.

Sofa day-to-day care wring a wet towel to wipe about leather cleaning agent to clean the sofa for 2-3 months, or with a household vacuum cleaner suction sofa surface dust and so on.

In order to prolong the service life, avoid jumping on the sofa playing body of sweat is not direct contact with the sofa. Sofa placed to leave 5~10 cm, to maintain it.

To avoid direct sunlight sofa, living room often sunlight, may from time to time to prevent sofa intermodulation location color clear; if humidity place, you can use 8~10 's weak exposure to the Sun for seven days, 1 hours a day, about 3 months doing it again.

Every once in a while a girl's hand rub oil or hand cream sofa, sofa will glow second youth Oh, want to know people and animals is no different.