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Seven aspects that selected sofas

When choosing a sofa, we are more focused on whether the style of the sofa right, style and overall style, the price is reasonable. But in our consideration of these factors sofas and don't forget to take a look at the quality of their own. Good quality is excellent to the details, then we will pay detailed attention to the end!

Detail 1: fabric pattern
In General, the printed pattern of thin fabrics because of simple and cheap and patterns woven to designs such as the, are thick, high gear. Choose carefully observe what kind of fabric pattern is from different latitude and longitude lines weave pattern with icing, not as smooth as print fabric. Again, made of pure cotton, pure wool fine knit fabric than conventional rayon fabrics of high grade.

Details 2: fabric leather

Modern industry can cut multiple layers of thick cowhide, so there is a layer of skin, second skin and even of multilayer skin. A layer skin is most outside of a layer, this layer leather toughness good, elastic big, making into sofa Hou, by repeatedly sat pressure also easily rupture, is high-end of fabric, with special of magnifying glass watchable layer skin also can see clear of pores; II layer skin is is tablets turned layer skin left of leather, II layer skin of surface tension and toughness are than head layer skin, so need carefully selected. In addition, it is made of large pieces of leather, or by stitching the leather pieces are also affecting the grade of a.

Details 3: Sandy hair
Be sure to carefully check whether easily removable to facilitate clean for future use.

Details 4: sofa
The intrinsic quality of the sofa is one not to be ignored, when shoppers buy sofa, if only by sitting down, pressure pressure is difficult to judge the quality of the sofa. Only way is to take a look at, for there was no total package sofa, can be observed over the use of springs, plates and foam fillers such as the quality of judging the merits of the sofa. Good sofa, anti-rust treatment the internal spring requirements, requirements for wood planing, there can be scarring.

Details 5: frame
Now the structure of the framework of European-style sofa with a cushion, in order to present some special sense of design, some deliberately exposed part of the framework, such as shiny metal exposure, and leather materials, create a wild uninhibited effect. This part of the exposed frame you want to check it out to see if gloss texture.

Details: 6: sofa legs
Some sofa legs are wood, some are made of metal, there is a pulley, this detail should be carefully checked. Mainly to strong, at the foot of instability, nor comfortable to sit in the sofa.

Details 7: human
Armrests and backrest can broaden the scope of services, tea set, small ornaments ornament, shelving books are on hand to meet.