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Sofa color adjusted home of exotic

Furnishing accessories in the living room, sofas are an integral part of the. In color also has a lot of mix of soft skills, such as gray blankets, randomly scattered in a corner of the sofa, giving space a little soft. Joker fashion minimalist gray sofa, 32 plants flower cushion with fresh green floral arrangement echoes, creating a sofa area with oxygen.

Decorating tips: indoor soft Assembly decorated, clear black and white seem to be born to be good partners, bright and light colors make the sofa more open, modular sofa match round rugs, colorful cushions and blankets have played more habitats, life is not exactly free on you.

PART3: beautiful blue sofa adds home of exotic
Decorating tips: deep blue sofa in the backdrop of bright orange carpet, set off waves, simple sofa decorative painting behind the beautiful scenery, quiet and calm tones and light color for jumping into a song of joy and goodwill, the whole picture to life.

Decorating tips: colorful cushions is a highlight in blue sofa, bold colors and awaken the lazy in the winter, creative fashion wall clocks and old wallpaper is the only decorated walls, set off the sofa area fun, joy and prosperity take root here.

Decorating tips: single sofa combination obvious advantages, the pure blue sofa, both color and style make up, in the basement under the background of comparatively monotonous space, rhythm and light. Sometimes, adding a little color in a drab space can become a Visual highlight.

Decorating tips: how to match fashion black and white geometric carpet sofa does a lack of features? blue sofa, with a stylish appearance, comfortable nature, popular with modern young people's favorite.

PART4: chill drove warm yellow sofa
Decorating tips: always a boring dull life, may wish to use the color to fill the heart throb. Warm yellow sofa, red cushion, and that do not have style dome of pink hangings, creating a lively scene, young did not want colorful wayward life.

Decorating tips: travel souvenirs in return enriches the entire living space, plus smart yellow couch ornament, for the living room adds, England-style coffee table not only unique, can be well integrated into their living room style, creative.