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The industry standard of sofa

Sofa is the bulk consumer goods in furniture product, quantity is broad. This standard is a revision of the standard QB/ t1952-1999. The main changes are as follows:

1. Product classification: the classification of product classification is mainly based on the elastic material, covering fabric and function of the product.

2, the size of the main requirements: this standard main dimensions of product bridge former width, and depth in the reserves, to the size of the front and back high changes made a corresponding adjustment, and cancel the high dimensional deviation of the size and shape of the armrest.

3,aterial requirements: the product should be in accordance with the logo; The product should be free of bark; The wood moisture content should not be higher than the average annual timber balance water content in the area where the product is located, the original requirement is +1%. In addition, in the standard appendix B (normative appendix), the value of timber balance moisture content in various regions of China is used as the basis for product evaluation. For textile fabrics, leather and artificial leather, the dry friction color fastness is greater than 4.

4, mechanical property requirements: the mechanics performance test of this international standard in accordance with the requirements of unified 座背 durability classification (durability requirements stipulated in the standard by the sofa elastic type), namely durability should pass: A level 60000 times; B class 40,000 and class C 20,000 times. The back looseness, armrest looseness and compression amount are adjusted accordingly.

5. Flame retardant requirement: taking into account the development trend of the product, reduce the personal harm.

6. Evaluation of inspection results: product inspection is divided into type inspection and factory inspection. The results of the inspection are: top grade, grade one (grade B), grade C (grade C) and nonconforming product.