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Think of sofa is leather

Raw materials for the pigskin leather sofa, leather skins or animal skins. Due to the strong leather made from breathable and good flexibility, thus the seat, feeling very comfortable not only, not easily. In a stylish leather sofas in the living room, not only beautiful, noble and generous.

1, see
Leather-leather according to the level, can be divided into the first layer of skin and the second layer of skin. Head layer skin General by injury less of fine raw materials skin processing and into, leather surface retained intact of natural state, coating thin, can show out animal skin natural of pattern beauty, not only wear, and breathable sex good; II layer skin will thick skin with tablets skin machine profile layer and have, after finishing or posted film, series process made, firm degrees and wear sex relative poor.
Real leather surface pores clear, patterns and textures, symmetry of nature. With or without pores, is an important basis for identification leather real.

2, touch
Touch leather, leather smooth, soft, plump and resilient to the touch. Many leather, cowhide leather is soft, thick and high grade. Other cortical surface relaxation, not durable. General synthetic leather feel itching, rigid and soft poor.
Consumers in the purchase, may be pressed leather surface, if it is genuine leather, natural pores and wrinkles, resilience, and would immediately revert to the original smooth condition.

3, smell
Leather will issue a faint smell of natural leather, if these are pungent or specially treated leather odor-free, probably not real leather. Sniffing it over before they immediately get on the sofa, leather sofa does not have any pungent odor, only a hint of leather scent.
If consumers want to judge whether it is leather, also available from the back of the leather torn fibers, if hair burning smell when ignited, does not produce a hard knot is the leather if issue is pungent, form a knot in the leather may be.

4, sat
Quality leather sofas, consumers any sitting, any trial would not go wrong. When consumers buy, he may shake a few sofas, solid quality sofa, shaking movement is not strong or squealing noise. Really comfortable leather sofas, leather not only good internal padding of resilience is also quite good. Sit down stand up, sit where they won't collapse.
Craft fine leather sofas, consumers regardless of the posture to sit down, sofa can cling to the body, feeling comfortable and relaxed.