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What is the best leather sofa? How to distinguish real leather fabric?

What is the best leather sofa? How to distinguish real leather fabric? Many friends think, sofa brand may have hundreds of thousands, but is nothing but cloth art sofa and leather sofa two kinds. Again relative to cloth art sofa, the fabric of leather sofa is simpler.

A: what skin is sofa best?

In fact, there is a lot of learning, and it is very likely that you will be fooled into buying a leather plain leather sofa. We can not help but ask, the real leather sofa leather is only cowhide? No pigskin, horsehide, donkey skin, sheepskin... What of? Even cowhide is the original cowhide? No processing? Why some real leather sofa natural abnormality, some real leather sofa appears to be burnished bright? These problems, the family home furnishings small make up to discuss with everybody together.

What is real leather?

Leather is a general term actually, pig, horse, donkey skin, cowhide can be used as a raw material for sofa, you must make sure to use what is leather, only this one, you can put the leather sofa, excluding a few cowhide accounts for how much, other leather accounts for how much.

Generally speaking, the thickness, density and distribution of pores in leather surface are the main basis for distinguishing between cow leather, pig leather, horse and sheep leather.

Cowhide: smooth and delicate, clear texture, soft color, thin and uniform, large leather, suitable for sofa fabric; Leather, cow leather and buffalo leather are called leather cattle, but both have some differences, cattle leather pores on the surface of the round, with straight into leather and pores close and even, irregular arrangement, like the stars, on the surface of the water buffalo leather than cattle leather bulky pore, pore number a few cattle leather, leathery than relaxation, as cattle leather plump.

Pig skin: the leather is coarse, glossiness is bad, not suitable for sofa, the pore round of pig skin surface is round and bulky, be inclined to extend into leather. The pores are arranged in three groups, with many small triangular patterns on the surface.

Skin: the skin is lesser, leather face is thin, grain regularly, feel is flexible, sheep leather grain surface pore is flat, clear pore, composed of a set of a few root, arranged in covered, due to the processing of fabric to adapt to the often need to joining together, affect beautiful.

Horse skin: the pores of the leather surface are oval, slightly larger than the pores of the yellow cow leather, and the arrangement is more regular.

Generally medium and high grade leather sofa USES cow leather, cowhide is divided into yellow cow skin and buffalo skin according to type; The layer is divided into the first layer, the second layer and the third layer. It is divided into domestic and imported skins. While import leather in Italy and Germany import head layer cow leather quality best, conforms to the strict requirements of environmental protection, high color fastness, good elasticity and permeability, high mechanical strength, especially high tear strength and tensile strength; The quality leather sofa chooses must be the head layer huangniu skin.

The real leather sofa is equivalent to 10 yellow cattle, which is of high value, good air permeability and environmental protection, and is widely used in developed countries such as Europe and America. Most companies on the market According to consumer need to production, sales, half leather sofa, also according to this classification, the dermal sofa is divided into full leather sofa and half leather sofa, half leather sofa is in the back of the sofa, and other hidden at the bottom of the part to the PU leather or artificial leather PVC instead of cowhide, direct contact with human body parts is still the high value of cowhide, which reduces the sofa cost, more economical and practical.

There is also a classification method of leather fabric and appearance: there are four kinds of skin: whole green, half green, embossed leather and cracked skin. The former is expensive, but the quality is excellent. And then two, relatively inexpensive, for the average household.

One, whole green skin.

The whole green skin is also known as the whole grain leather, which is processed by the superior raw material skin, with less damage and the intact natural state on the leather surface. The whole green skin coating is thin, can show the natural pattern of the skin beautiful, wear-resisting, breathability is good; The whole green skin is a direct mixture of blue and warm skin, and the resistance to too many chemical agents, so the skin can clearly see the fine pores, the real sense, the air permeability is excellent.

All green husk price is the most expensive in the cortex species, but not in leather-making process cumbersome and chemical materials more expensive, but on the quality of the leather, high-grade all green husk and normal skin difference is: in the aspect of choosing leather embryo must choose captive, and by castrated bull leather, because bull leather fibre is a whole, and a larger picture, the most important thing is that in captivity, the leather face scar is less, this is the production of high-grade leather on the choice, the second is in terms of manufacturing, the overall effect is more noble, elegant! Such a whole green skin can only import, China can't make such a process! It is also said that this whole green skin is one of the best in Italy, not seen in the market.

Two, half green.

Half green husk is also called the second floor leather, it is to point to the original skin namely complete green husk after stripping the following a cutting thick layer of the epidermis, relatively full green husk, scars and fly eye more, takes appropriate grinding ability for sofa leather. Because of finished product of sofa is half green husk, perception, simple sense and comfort are better, so is still top grade leather, but half green husk prices are much cheaper than a full green husk sofa, is the most consumer choice.

3. Embossed leather

The embossed skin also belongs to the semi-green skin, which is about to cut a thin layer of semi-green skin. This kind of scar is heavier, the fly's eye is deeper, it needs to be deeply polished and refilled to make sofa skin. Because the look and texture on the surface of the skin is bad, in order to make up for the shortage, embossing process mostly, with handle gently pressing half green husk and embossing, appear fold is more, but its color is rich and changeful style, easy to choose from.

4. Crack skin

Crack skin also belong to half green husk, such skin surface almost no flaws, utilization rate is very high, but the quality of a material stiffness, poor permeability, hand touch the leather surface, there is a obvious wax texture, coating is very thick, common sofa are choose this kind of material, also some people called la skin.

Characteristics: texture and tactility are hard. Due to more manual processing, there is not a lot of defects in the appearance, but the appearance of artificial marks is more obvious, slightly less natural and the price is moderate.

Buying tip: can compare judgement from the aspect such as feeling, luster, quality of material, work and so on, main pay attention to distinguish with imitation skin difference, prevent with false and true.

Two: how to distinguish real leather fabric?

Said we focus on leather, leather sofa chooses generally for leather, like tree age, cowhide faithfully and accurately recorded the life story of cattle, it suffered by trauma, and the same kind of struggle, attacked by the beast, as a result, the world has not completely the same two pieces of leather, leather with natural pore and grain, feel plump, soft, full of elasticity.

1, the structure: natural leather with regular natural pores and prints, imitation leather is not, even if have also is made of artificial, is easy to distinguish, also can distinguish from their profile, natural leather, leather fiber woven and imitation leather is not this kind of structure.

2. Touch feeling: it is generally recognized that leather sofa can be touched by hand first. The real leather is touched by hand, the texture is quite soft, and there is a feeling of warmth. The hand has a certain attachment when moving on the surface of the leather, but it does not make people feel slippery. However, the imitation leather has a sticky feel, and it has a cool feeling because of the rapid heat transfer.

3. In addition, the leather sofa can be identified by hand. Leather sofa surface USES the hand to press up, the fold of the four sides is symmetrical, natural, fabric thick feeling is obvious, and imitation leather is not otherwise, its appearance is not natural, unsymmetrical.

Therefore, the dermal sofa of choose and buy, luster, smooth leather face to no scarring, skin texture and fine grain, hold a pulled up with the tips of your fingers and pull, should feel is flexible, powerful, sit after the wrinkles disappear after finishing can or not obvious, the leather is fine.

4. Lighting: remove a bit of fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather, and when ignited, all the pungent odour will be made of artificial leather. It is the genuine leather that gives off the smell of hair.