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What kind of good does leather sofa use with leather sofa and cloth art sofa?

Coriaceous sofa also is a kind of more common inside sofa kind, the sofa of this kind of material not only beautiful, atmosphere and more practical. So does the leather sofa work? Trust the friend that used to have some understanding. What about leather and fabric sofas? Which kind of sofa should we choose? Let's look at the introduction.

Does the leather sofa work

Leather sofas are also commonly used in life. Let's see:

I. introduction to leather sofa

Leather sofa is to use animal skins, such as pig skin, cowhide, sheepskin and other animal skin, through a specific process processed into leather seats, because made of leather, is breathable, important is softness is very good, and other functions, and use it to make the seat, people sit up very comfortable, is not easy to get dirty. A fashionable leather sofa is placed in the sitting room, still appear beautiful, noble, generous. Because leather sofa USES after a very long time, the grease inside can volatilize loss and become hard, want to maintain nurse accordingly.

The advantage of leather sofa

When we use leather sofa, real leather sofa class is higher, exalted costly representative. Choose diversiform, have luxurious and domineering big style, also have elegant and comfortable small style recreational type; Leather sofa has good air permeability, comfortable and durable; Compared with fabric sofa, leather sofa is easy to clean. Leather sofas have good texture and are comfortable to sit on.

Weakness of leather sofa

1, we know a good leather sofa price is more expensive, and the bad leather sofa is not durable, if clean is not good have a leather smell, basically every few years leather sofa renovation have to do; Beef tendons, the muscles and veins of animals, are naturally formed. After processing, there will also be a trace, this is in the process of pressure in the process of not flat, only genuine leather has this phenomenon. The tactility is a little less, but does not affect the adaptation years, when making furniture, the requirement is not used in the front;

2. It has been mentioned that fattening wrinkles are an inevitable phenomenon in the growth process of cattle, such as the belly, armpit, neck and other parts of cattle. Leather is in accordance with the template the whole painted skin, making the furniture such as sofa, use cowhide area is larger, sometimes inevitably contains, in areas such as the stomach, armpits, neck does not affect the use of performance, but for the sensory effects, asked not to use on the front.

Leather sofa and cloth art sofa which kind is good

1, price

About what kind of good leather sofa and cloth art sofa, first from you will be most concerned about price of furniture of choose and buy, dermal sofa relative prices more expensive cloth art sofa, scarce materials mainly leather sofa, the craft is multifarious, so the price is high, the production of cloth art sofa material process is simple, the price is relatively cheaper. Real leather sofa and cloth art sofa are had not small price distinction between sofa, do not need to agonize on the sofa of choose and buy so, decorate a style according to oneself end and furniture choose and buy a budget to choose good.

2, maintain

Finished watching the price of it, we'll say the maintenance problem of sofa, leather sofa maintain more troublesome, should pay attention to moisture or it will leave a stain, also must pay attention to maintain the luster of the cortex, brushing oil also should pay attention to is not sharp instrument leave scratches. And cloth art sofa does not need so troublesome, want to notice to do not want to be affected by damp only generally have a lot of water to enter sofa ok. Cleaning is also very convenient, most of the sofa cover is directly removed down to clean can, maintenance on the clean than leather sofa simple and convenient much.

3, style

And on the one hand, we can not be ignored, it is on the sofa style, high-end style, elegant generous, dermal sofa usually put more spacious living room, is luxurious air, grave composed, very rich, but the fabrics of sofa, design is single, without the diversity of cloth art sofa. Cloth art sofa is generally suitable for young people's taste, light and soft, novel modelling changeable, sofa fabric style also is more, on the very personal, if it is satin, silk fabrics such as cloth art sofa also can appear more showily elegance. Cloth art sofa can suit high-grade costly to decorate already, also can suit small and pure and fresh sweet household to decorate, at this moment real leather sofa cannot compare.

4, life

Leather sofa price expensive, maintenance trouble, but we all know that its service life is long, as long as the good leather sofa maintain appropriate, after decades or can use, and cloth art sofa can live just a few years, perhaps filler collapsed, or is out of fashion style, will soon be replaced, on the service life of dermal sofa with long time is beyond doubt. Real leather sofa and cloth art sofa are had not small distinction between, do not need to agonize on the sofa of choose and buy so, decorate a style according to oneself end and furniture choose and buy a budget to choose good.

Above is the introduction of small make up about a leather sofa to use related issues, believe about the problem with some friends will understand, coriaceous sofa use effect is good, so we can choose and buy. Of course about leather sofa and cloth art sofa which kind is good, actually each kind of sofa has its certain advantage.

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