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What kinds of sofa are there?

Classification 1 (by functional classification)

Can be divided into functional sofa, fixed back sofa, infinite control sofa, pneumatic sofa (namely: manual sofa), electric sofa and bring TV sofa and so on.

The sofa is a necessary furniture for many families. The sofa that sells on the market commonly has low back sofa, high back sofa and the common sofa between the two between two kinds. The following three characteristics are introduced for consumers to choose to purchase.

Low back sofa: the portable chair that belongs to rest type. It a point to bear the waist of the users (lumbar) this kind of sofa backrest height is low, about 370 mm general distance seat surface, the Angle of the back of a chair is also small, is not only beneficial to rest, and size of the whole sofa periphery Narrows accordingly. This kind of sofa moves more convenient, light, the floor area is small.

High back sofa: also known as airline seat. Its characteristic is to have three fulcrum, make a person's waist, shoulder, hind brain is leaning on curved back at the same time. These three support points do not form a straight line in space, so the production of this kind of sofa technology is higher, and it is more difficult to choose when buying. Making tall back sofa is worn, must be made at 3 o 'clock explicitly on frame, of twist surface, otherwise, when undertaking sofa covers the process such as difficult to ensure that the location of the strong point, bring discomfort to the user. When choosing a high back sofa, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the composition of the three supporting points on the back is reasonable and appropriate, and can be judged by the test seat. High back sofa evolved from deck chair. In order to improve the rest performance, it can also be used as a footstool, before the sofa, its height can be same as the front edge of sofa seat.

Common sofa: it is a kind of common in the family sofa. The market sells mostly this kind of sofa. It has two supporting points to support the user's lumbar spine and thoracic vertebrae, and can obtain the effect of matching the surface with the back of the body. The Angle between the back of this kind of sofa and seat face is very crucial, Angle too big or too small will cause the abdomen muscle of the user to be strong, produce fatigue. Likewise, the width of sofa seat face also should not be too big, usually press the standard to ask in 540 millimeter, such user's crus can adjust sitting position at will, rest more comfortable.

Category 2 (classification by materials)

There are four main types: leather sofa, fabric sofa (actually cloth art sofa), qu mu sofa and cane make sofa.

Classification 3 (by style)

Can be divided into American sofa, Japanese sofa, Chinese style sofa, European style sofa, modern sofa.

Category 4 (classification by site)

Can be divided into: civil sofa, office sofa, rest club sofa and so on. The use of the occasion is different, and the sofa is also featured.

Classification 5 (according to applicable site classification)

Can be divided into: hotel sofa, KTV sofa, civil sofa, dining room sofa, office sofa, household sofa and so on.