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2016 Couch Mix Design Tips

Of modern urban families, the living room is undoubtedly the heart of a home, space master is the embodiment of style and taste, and the selection and arrangement of the sofa, then is to determine the effect of core elements of the living room. How to match the sofa should be combined with the overall style, consider synthetically from the styles, materials, colors, here is followed by small series to look at sofas how to mix it.

Mix TIPS: Chinese mix and match solid wood sofa and fabric sofa, created a new surprise, in the living room, one in the West, two sofas placed next to a soft and a hard, let people feel the space of the disorder, but placed in strict accordance with the directions, it makes one feel very unified.

Mix TIPS: American style family living room are usually more spacious, with a simple and generous American-style sofa, thick solid wood edges match the same style of wine cooler, add thick American style for the living room.

Mix TIPS: pastoral style sofa very wild, and any style can be integrated very well, is in need of attention, pastoral style because there are more patterns, wall and sofa designs either ECHO, or blank, there is conflict or the Visual.

Mix TIPS: Nordic style sofa suitable for minimalist home, required space is transparent, colors and patterns of the sofa can be complementary, such as nude and striped, and then with brightly colored cushions to avoid visual monotony.

Mix TIPS: Fabric sofas is a favorite of young, simple and clean, are essential elements of minimalist style home. Fabric and wood combinations are in heaven, in the living room, light colored cloth sofa match Chinese coffee table table and chairs, people seemed to be able to smell the fragrance of nature.

Mix TIPS: leather sofa is an important element to build simple quality home, the ultimate use of leather sofas, chairs and coffee table, that's impressive. Not many bedroom decorating, sofa design as simple as possible, matched with a comfortable and stress-free environment as a whole.

Mix TIPS: living room with earthy wood commonly used in Thai-style home furnishings, with natural, fresh feeling, coupled with light white ground, balancing earthy sense of the weight of the furniture. Matching sexy marvelous Tess, creating a beautiful harmony of colors.

Mix TIPS: off white leather sofas and living room walls the same color, package designs and large areas of Chinese crabapple flowers on the background wall echoes living room form a Visual focus.

Mix TIPS: color choice rules echo is a home match, in order to echo the walls of decorative painting, specially selected dark color of the sofa, and the background in the picture into one, creating a compact space.

Mix TIPS: white walls of drab living room except to rely on other than graffiti paintings to decorate, a group of bright yellow sofa has played a key role, on the coffee table bamboo flower, vibrant Orange extends even further.

Mix TIPS: matching color stripes Blue Blue-and-white patterned sofa pillows, bright joined breaks through the quiet cool colors calm and add life to the living room.

Mix TIPS: semicircular living room, equipped with arc-shaped Hello Kitty couch, perfect to fit a curved wall, visually not too wide living room expansion, avoiding marginal corner appears.

Mix TIPS: large living-room corner, suitable for placing a chaise couch, effective use of corner space, elegant calm chaise couch can also add delicate magic for home.

Mix TIPS: sit or lie put-you-up you can save more space for small apartment, yellow sofa, red cushions to create a fresh and lively feel, with a dome of the nets don't have amorous, and enhance the sense of space.