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4 Ways To Get Matching The Sofa Home Spring

Spring comes, spring flowers trees a vibrant scene, hauntingly, also wants home full of vigor and vitality? just learn to skillfully match, small pillows, carpets, decoration, sofa that can make your home at once become good Dah! FF no bother at all, easy home alive!

Small furniture with method
Sofa was not saying that there is no other furniture. Some simple styling, materials, rustic furniture and sand after the issue together, not redundant, but has a strange sense of integration, particularly neutral or small sofa with the color of furniture, better visual effects.

Accessories matching method
Jewelry is small, works very well. Whether it's on the edge of the sofa, is also behind the sofa, with the color or color of jewelry with the sofa after the match, can appear very well, flowers, ornaments such recommendations to Cabinet.

Pillow collocation method
Whether it is round or square pillow, fluffy feeling people put it down. Tucked in behind the lines, hold in your hands, or directly use it as a pillow on the couch, uses so much, styling color Joker, put a few more, and sofa colors complement each other, lay up not down.

Carpet collocation method
For some people, the most comfortable seating in addition to sitting on the living room sofa, and leaning against the sofa sits on the carpet. Especially carpets, both plush carpet or short pile carpet, stepped foot bottom micro-itch, sat leaning against the sofa after a stretch, feels life has never been so comfortable.