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Design Sofa Wall How To Coordinate The Overall Style

After the House renovated, our furniture, how to choose? such as the living room, in the face of different home styles, our household goods to do it with the living room decoration style? come and have a look!

Modern minimalist
Style: modern minimalist style rooms, decorated clean lines and crisp; more appropriate indoor area of about 100-119 square meters of space, and young and middle-aged white-collar workers between the ages of 25-40;
Furniture: furniture configurations, the best selection of fashion style, avoid elaborate decoration, you can use the exaggerated colors, make a space full of inner motion.

European style
Style: European-style living room, usually relatively spacious, highlighting the romantic magnificence and elegance;
Furniture: European-style living room must be equipped with European-style sofa, will make the living room has an elegant, super comfortable feeling, consistency of style.

Chinese style
Style: Chinese style living room, pay attention to is the format of a symmetrical layout, color sound combined with the Qing-style ornamental decoration, creating a complete classical style
Furniture: choose Chinese sofa, color is relatively dark, in order to better reflect the deep and elegant Chinese-style.

American style
Style: American classical country style implicitly conservative in color and styling, comfortable function-oriented, combines classic styling with modern lines;
Furniture: easy to select the material to white oak, mahogany, and cherry wood, simple lines, without decorations, still retain their original wood textures and texture, creating a rustic texture.

Eastern Mediterranean style
Style: give people back to nature feel and embodies the pursuit of better quality of life;
Furniture: furniture color white for the main, as well as color of the Spain style, classical furniture furniture show texture, can show more furniture in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and wind erosion under the sunny natural imprinting.

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