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Electric Sofa Loungers With Furniture Practicality

The appearance of electric couch chairs can be said to open up a new chapter in the leisure industry and the furniture industry. Electric sofa loungers have the practicality of furniture, and also have leisure industry, leisure and high-tech automation design, which can perfect these three Combined together, must be able to enter the market.

With the continuous high-tech home products, so that our lives become more convenient and comfortable. Electric sofa recliner, I believe there are a lot of people do not understand it. Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa This is a more comfortable, more high-end household items than ordinary sofa seats. Is the electric sofa lounger expensive?

The use of the cover of the material is not pure imported leather, but the use of simulated leather fabric. Its low price does not mean it is not good, this modern simple first class function sofa electric single lying completely in accordance with the design of human comfort, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa 42 cm height of the sitting position is the body to sit down the most comfortable height, the sofa filled with high quality Doll cotton, full and full of flexibility, soft touch.

Leather fabric electric sofa recliner

Electric sofa couch general offer are 1499.00 yuan, double and triple, followed by accumulated 1,000 yuan. It is not only the comfort of the sofa, more importantly, its quality is very good, able to withstand a long time sitting, soft and hard degree appropriate, even if lying more than 2 hours will not feel backache leg pain, Process excellence, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa each of the products are very qualified. Style novel, affordable price, so that more people choose it.

Electric sofa recliner back according to the needs of the human body, easy to sit, half lying, lying and other posture, to ensure that the human body in a variety of conditions can be completely relaxed, comfortable and comfortable. Electric sofa couch attitude changes, mainly rely on well-designed electric sofa recliner electric variable frame to achieve, iron riveting electric sofa recliner electric displacement frame structure to replace the traditional sofa fixed frame structure, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa electric sofa couch electric variable The frame is moved in accordance with the designed angle and displacement to achieve the transformation of the overall posture of the electric sofa deck. Support and push the entire electric sofa recliner electric displacement frame movement is the electric putter. By adjusting the amount of electric push rod expansion and contraction can be electric sofa couch electric variable frame compression and stretching, so the attitude of the electric sofa recliner to adjust. Electric sofa recliner can be arbitrarily adjusted between sitting and fully flattened lying, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa which can provide people with a most suitable angle to make people relax. Electric faders in the electric sofa couch electric variable frame in the function of the role! The electric putter is an electric drive that converts the motor's rotational motion into a straight reciprocating motion of the push rod. Electric putter motor after the gears slow down, driving a pair of screw nut. The motor rotation into a linear motion, the use of motor reversal to complete the putter action. Such as through a variety of lever, rocker or connecting rod and other institutions to complete the rotation, shake and other complex movements. Festitz electric putter design novel fine Promise automatic leisure sofa, small size, high precision, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa fully synchronized, self-locking performance, health, motor direct drive, no need for pipeline gas, oil, electric putter Electric sofa recliner electric displacement frame ideal drive motor!