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Electric Sofa Maintenance

Electric sofa fabric material is used on the surface of cloth or leather either. Cortex is commonly used to make the fabric more consumer demand will have many choices, such as fashionable Pu leather, cipri, high-grade leather, fabric or half leather. You can choose according to their preferences. Of course electric sofa cloth fabric. Like Fabric sofas you can choose according to their preferences like electric sofa. Cloth fabric is linen, suede and flocking, and so on. How did you like it?

See if it has a will ask, how to maintain electric sofa? Since electric sofa is easy to fail? Small series of this universal electric sofa maintenance for everyone. First sofa in handling when it is inevitable there will be no small knock small stumbles on the way, so be sure to check the tightness of small parts, be sure to tighten the appropriate oil, followed in order to avoid electric sofa cushion deformation, use is not a beating on it. And then usually pay more attention to avoid long exposure to excessive damp, rain. One final note electric sofa can be a daily cleaning.

Electric sofa and compare it is not just a sofa, in the rest of your time either sleeping or sitting is more comfortable, you lie down on it while relaxing massage for you can also alleviate fatigue. Electric sofa in more convenient and quick. Can save you time and go massage from trouble on the way, you can make directly after you finish massaging to rest at home.