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Electric Sofa Recliner Can Massage To Eliminate Fatigue

With the living environment getting better and more accompanied by the pressure is also growing, and sometimes want to ease the rest of the rest but no time. But now there are electric couch loungers can help you, electric sofa deck as the name suggests is to control the sofa backrest lift, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa built-in motor, plug in the power, through the handle on the sofa armrest to adjust the angle of the sofa lift. Compared to the traditional sofa is to rely on hydraulic lift rod to control the sofa back and forth, to be much more convenient, of course, the price will be much more expensive. Do not have to go outside to do money to do the massage, every day lying on the electric sofa couch can massage to eliminate fatigue, both convenient and affordable. Electric sofa deck is a new experience. We may wish to come with me to understand it!

Electric sofa recliner introduction

Electric sofa recliner means that all the operation of the sofa is built on the motor, power after the use of electricity to control. Electric sofa recliner can push the backrest of the sofa back and down through the button on the drop and the rising button to provide a perfect angle for people to get people to relax. Electric sofa recliner is usually the size of the general is 1900 * 800 * 600mm pad height: 420 pad depth: 550 pad width: 600. Sofa structure design is usually used in the mortise steel structure, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa this structure of the electric sofa recliner solid solid, sedentary does not ring.

Electric sofa recliner classification

Electric sofa recliner divided into double electric sofa recliner, electric lumbar device sofa, three electric sofa loungers, electric massage sofa. In fact, from the name you can see the electric sofa chair is the number of functions according to the classification. Such as three electric sofa loungers and double electric sofa loungers in the electric waist device sofa sitting on the back with the back of the function of the back, on the basis of the increase in the back when the feet can be naturally put into the foot basin or natural The floor. But when you need to be able to naturally lift the footstool, the performance is more reliable. There are still more perfect function, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa to meet the basic needs of consumers.

Electric sofa recliner material

Electric sofa chairs on the surface of the fabric material is generally used in cloth or leather of these two. Generally use the leather to make the fabric, then more consumer demand will have a lot of choices, such as the popular pu skin, Xipi, high-end leather fabric or half-cowhide and so on. Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa We can choose according to their own preferences. Of course, electric sofa recliner also has fabric fabric. Person who likes fabric sofa can also choose your favorite electric sofa chair according to your own preference. Fabric fabric, then the basic is linen, suede and flocking and so on.

Electric sofa recliner to buy

There are many electric couch chairs on the market, we all pick when the number of a little no end. In fact, as long as the purchase time, pay attention to the following aspects just fine

1, sponge

Good quality of electric leisure Whether sitting or sleeping are more comfortable, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa lying on top to relax, and the sponge's resilience is also better, long-term sitting will not be deformed.

2, fabric

Electric sofa recliner fabric choice not only to the naked eye, but also touch the perception by hand, a good look at the color of the fabric is more moist, and feel very comfortable feel, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa the fabric feels more heavy.

3, frame

Electric sofa recliner frame is generally steel and wood structure, electric sofa deck chair load, solid structure or not, and steel frame plays a decisive role. The better the steel wall is thicker, and the more smooth the welding point. Wood, the electric sofa recliner selected wood is divided into square wood, scrap two. Square wood is relatively thick, no nodes, push the nail force is good, more solid wood.