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Electric Sofa With Comfortable Chair

Electric sofa recliner can be free to adjust the angle, in the waist and the head are added to the back of the function of the high reclined erected electric sofa chair.

The backrest function of the waist can be simply operated with a drawbar. The use of low-rebound polyurethane foam elastic material, can better adapt to the body's weight and curvature, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa at any time at home to enjoy the relaxed state.

With the strengthening of people's awareness of health care, more and more people on a regular basis to bring family or friends to do foot health care, know often enough to bring health, in recent years, more and more foot shop, business also It is difficult to do, how to operate a good foot shop, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa so that more guests will come to consumption, improve traffic, then the foot store decoration and product selection we have to pay attention, for example, a foot electric sofa chair choice It is very important, because the guests do 90 minutes of foot treatment, most of the time are spent on the electric sofa couch, then how to choose a foot shop for foot massage with electric sofa chair it?

The following is the foot of the electric sofa couch chair the core structure:

1, electric sofa recliner steel frame

There are semi-steel frame and full steel frame, but also the overall steel frame, and now basically a little foot shop are now the overall steel frame. Semi-steel frame of the electric sofa chair is basically rarely done, as long as a small number of low-priced customers will now, not the quality of comfort, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa as long as cheap on it, the market more steel frame, semi-steel frame do not use, Normal in 2 years is basically bad.

2, electric sofa recliner wooden frame

This piece is also very important, steel frame no matter how good the wooden frame is not used, hi to the foot of the electric sofa couch chairs are wooden workers are working for more than 10 years, requiring the election materials, materials, production process strict In accordance with the requirements of the design department to produce, each part of the materials are not the same, in the production process are required to test to do the next process. The general factory is difficult to do every of the wooden finished product inspection.

3, electric sofa deck chair sponge

I can say that good boss is not clear, where to distinguish between good and bad, in fact, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa is not difficult, mainly sponge is better than the rebound, soil is about 3-5 years is not deformed is good, that How to distinguish, this one will boss to personally experience it, the sponge to get the hands of the squeeze can see good or bad, there is a good market manufacturers are still using renewable sponge, you said the quality of energy Okay?

4, electric sofa recliner fabric

The market foot foot electric sofa couch fabric mess, what kind of material has, often listen to the design department of the proofing master said that most of the foot electric sofa couch fabric with the wrong, the family used electric sofa couch fabric used to do the project Electric sofa recliner fabric, a look that do not understand must be to distinguish between the home fabric as long as the look can be a year in the electric sofa on the couch to do many times, engineering electric sofa deck is different, like foot bath electric sofa recliner basic On the daily couch in the electric sofa reclining seat in the middle of the time in 6-10 hours, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa such as electric sofa and loungers are to be back and forth, the guests are bouncing in the above, all the fabric to choose strong and strong, such as and feel better , Easy and towels, electric sofa deck chairs are easy to fall off. Hi to the foot bath electric sofa recliner fabric all in accordance with what I just talk about to choose the fabric, why our slogan is: careful to do the product, the details are very important. Only to buy a hi to the foot of the electric sofa couch chairs the old customers can appreciate the good luck to do the product manufacturers.

5, electric sofa recliner comfort

I heard a functional electric sofa recliner space first class, because the electric sofa couch comfort is very comfortable, hesitant space first class like comfort, and now more and more people to do foot, foot shop more and more, Competitive pressure is also large, foot shop are more than decoration, Living Room Adjustable Electric Power Lift Recliner Sofa than the service, than the management, so the details, but some bosses know there is the importance of electric sofa chair, we must be comfortable, so that guests come next time, Because only the guests comfortable, so that guests themselves to our foot shop to do publicity, introduce more friends to do foot therapy, so that we have more passenger flow.

6, electric sofa recliner function

Now most of the features manufacturers can do it, big deal to buy a set back to open to do can do it, the Chinese people is too strong ability to imitate, but the core no matter how imitation can not imitate, because in every detail Can not be error, the need for uniformity in the course of the use of no failure and so on.