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Fabric Sofas And Leather Sofas Which One Is The Best?

With the progress of society, the rapid development of science and technology, production material of the sofa are gradually increasing. The most common leather sofas and Fabric sofas, seeing this is I think a lot of people have the slightest doubt, Fabric sofas and leather sofas which? editor below will introduce you.

1, the price
First we buy furniture will be most concerned about price to start, leather sofas Fabric sofas for much more expensive prices, mainly leather sofa of scarce materials, process complexity and other reasons, so the price can be high, fabric sofa material process easy, the price is relatively cheap.

2, maintenance
Said maintenance of the sofa, leather sofa maintenance trouble, to pay attention to moisture or it will leave a stain, also note the brush oil keep the leather luster, note also that the left cannot be sharp scratches. While sofa does not need all this trouble in General just not exposed to moisture has a lot of water into the sofa. Cleaning is also very convenient, mostly directly down cleaning can be a sofa, leather sofa on a clean simple and convenient.

3, style
In style on the sofa, leather sofa high style, elegant, usually placed in the spacious living room, luxurious and solemn sound, great grades, but sofa fabric, style is single, not the diversity of fabric sofa. Fabric sofa in General for young people's tastes, lightweight and soft, shape-changing novel, sofa fabric style or more, very personal, if it is satin, silk and other fabrics fabric sofa will look more luxurious and elegant. Fabric sofa is suitable for high-end and luxurious decoration, also suitable for small fresh sweet home decoration and leather sofa can not be compared.

4, technology
From the production process, the sofa is generally used in the production, the process is simple, and leather sofas to go through many procedures, cumbersome and complex, often are hand-made from quality fabric sofa is far more than a leather sofa.

5, life
Leather sofa of price your, and maintenance trouble, but everyone are know it of using life is is long of, good of leather sofa as long as maintenance properly, for decades years zhihou also is can with of, and fabric sofa general life on years, may is fill real collapsed has, or is style not popular has, soon on will for replaced, in using life Shang leather sofa of using time long is undoubtedly of.