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Family Cloth Sofa Match Skill

Fabric sofas is the home of the family up to a sofa, it is soft and comfortable, can lead to better results. Precisely because the material is the fabric of the sofa, so after some time will appear dirty, dust, impurities will be attached to the top. For this phenomenon, you need timely cleaning, otherwise it will give home to bad elements. Small series to introduce the family Fabric sofas below with skill-level family fabric sofa cleaning methods.

1, color matching
If it is a large, good lighting, large living room, you can use bright colors such as red, square of fabric sofa living room wall color paint or wallpaper is used, it is best to mix plain fabric sofa will be more elegant and color depth of fabric sofa, could very well create a classical atmosphere.

Match 2, space
If it is a European-style décor can be either floral or checkered pattern fabric, so you can create a natural, warm smell of classical style with gold wire held by Brocade and satin weaving material; Italy style commonly used stark monochrome cloth or very cool, unique personality. Therefore, different decoration styles, you can choose a different fabric sofa to match.