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Family Fabric Sofa Cleaning Method

Family fabric sofa cleaning method

1, the use of a vacuum cleaner Fabric sofas don't wait for dirty, knowing to clean, preferably every week there will be a vacuum, but in the dust to the attention, do not use suction brush, because the weave lines on the fabric may be vulnerable, the best selection of vacuum cleaners, cleaning and maintenance.

2, the use of cleaning agents You want to use a cleaning agent, you can choose cleaner containing antifouling agent, it is best to clean once a year, but cleaning detergent, cannot leave a trail, or are prone to dirt.

3, select Designer sofas Buy Fabric sofas, the best choice you can take apart and wash the sofa, which can be removed to clean, if it is a larger cotton or linen jacket can get laundry. Some flexible jacket is easy to dry ironing, even to iron sheath to be considered the appearance of iron inside of the sheath is more appropriate.