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Living Room Furniture

The traditional living room is nothing more than the old three: sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet. But how the layout is great! Like the above figure will be placed in the center of the living room in a regular manner to form a comfortable area of conversation; or sofa and seat placed along the wall, in the middle of the living room to form a space, the two ways the least Error-prone.

Just when we usually plan to put the living room furniture where you want to think of the main purpose of the sofa in all likelihood is to facilitate people to sit down and chat.

So consider the needs of the conversation area, rather than just think of the arrangement of the seat, after all, Living Room Furniture the distance between the chair and the sofa can make people more comfortable, more intimate conversation. Try different angles, the furniture can be placed in diagonal direction can be placed in a unique effect.

In the home decoration, Living Room Furniture the living room furniture is very important, how in a particular space, the role of furniture to the extreme, which has a great stress, sometimes try different angles, will form a unique effect, the living room Put the furniture to have the core, if there is no core, the space will lose the overall sense, to find the core, then the other furniture, Living Room Furniture to see personal habits and preferences to be placed.

First, the focus of the object as the core: such as the longest side of a wall or living room entrance can be the focus of the object, sofa, seat orientation are turned to focus objects, the formation of a curved dialogue space

Second, to talk as the core: If you work at home or with friends, sofa and seats placed in a round, easy to talk

Third, the child as the core: If there are children at home, Living Room Furniture it is recommended in the living room to design a place specifically for children to play, with a sofa or table to the child's game area, and adults separated from the rest.

Fourth, the visual balance as the core: the living room furniture more high and low size and even color may be different, so in the visual coordination of symmetry to be careful with, of course, some small size

Although there are restrictions on the area, but does not affect the small space to use more than one function, for example, with the office area and the combination of restaurants