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Living Room Furniture Collocation Should Pay Attention To Individuality

The traditional living room is kind: sofa, tea table, TV cabinet. But how to layout is very exquisite! As pictured above, put the seat in the middle of the living room to form a comfortable meeting area, or put the sofa and seat along the wall to form a space in the middle of the living room, the two ways are the least error.

Just as often as we plan to place the living room furniture, you think the main purpose of the couch is to make it easier for people to sit down and chat.

So consider the needs of the conversation area, not just the seats, after all, the distance between the chair and the couch can make people more comfortable and intimate. To try different angles, Living Room Furniture the furniture will be placed in a diagonal direction face-to-face can form a unique effect.

The living room is the whole family's most important space, how the living room collocation, the color disposition is very fastidious. Among them, the living room furniture color collocation is the whole indoor environment key, the living room, from the hospitality point of view, perhaps just a house façade. However, for their own, the living room is to allow people to relax, with family members, Living Room Furniture the nest together watching TV in a microcosm. So what are the living room furniture collocation skills?

The living room furniture collocation must pay attention to the style

Home decoration Style There are many kinds, and the living room should be the key to the family to determine the style of decoration. The decoration style of the living room determines the whole family's decoration style. Even if the bedroom wants other styles, Living Room Furniture the living room must also hold the whole style in order to give the guests the style they want. We can choose according to their own preferences, such as Chinese style, western style, classical style, new classical style or modern style and so on. The ceiling, wallpaper can be just the highlight of style.

Living room furniture collocation should pay attention to individuality

Personality and style are actually two different concepts, and these two concepts must not be confused. Personality is said that the living room should adopt some very personal things, with these small things to highlight the master's aesthetic and taste, this also can highlight the owner's life. For example, Living Room Furniture at home to choose some craft painting, fabric, trinkets, potted and so on. In the living room decoration must pay attention to these details, because the details are the key to show Master's self-cultivation and taste.

Living room furniture collocation to reasonable zoning

Although the living room whole is a complete area, but at the time of renovation still need to do a reasonable zoning. Reasonable zoning of the living room is to meet the needs of everyone. For example, when the family is like watching TV, the audio-visual cabinet should be the center of the Living room decoration, Living Room Furniture which determines the position and size of the sofa. If there is not much to watch TV, but home often to guests, this time should be the reception area as the center of the living room decoration area. Learning these living room furniture knowledge also need to know ingenious use of Soft Division method for regional division. From a reasonable zoning point of view, the use of different decoration materials, decorative techniques can be the region cleverly separated.