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Living Room Furniture Is A Façade Of The Home

The Living room home has sofa, tea table, horn, TV cabinets, cabinets, shoe cabinets, flower racks, newspaper, cd racks, decorative cabinets, wine cabinets. Living room furniture tends to be simple, lean, practical, some living room furniture even with cardboard. Its product design utilizes the principle of phase mechanics, made of furniture has enough strength, at the same time on the furniture surface coating protective paint, Living Room Furniture after special treatment, to solve the pressure and fear of water two major weaknesses, so that the paper furniture has a certain moisture, waterproof, mildew, insect-proof and other functions.

The layout of the family is very critical, especially when the decoration finished, we want to decorate the family furniture, this time the living room is a more critical place, Living Room Furniture because the living room furniture is placed in the home face of a façade, the living room is suitable for furniture, then the home will appear very atmosphere.

First, because the living room is relatives and friends to visit the time to stay in the place, so we in the layout of the time to combine the family decoration style, it is best to choose the furniture first, and then decorate, Living Room Furniture so that can effectively use the living room space.

Second, the living room furniture arrangement also must combine the house inside each room, should as far as possible reasonable carry on the furniture arrangement, Living Room Furniture especially the space transition to be gentle, does not have a kind of isolation feeling, each function area in the conversion time cannot appear too abrupt.

Third, the living room furniture should be placed in combination with the specific functional layout, such as the place of visiting our sofa to put the appropriate, while the leisure place also combined, such as your wine cabinet and TV cabinets, and sofas have a good visual bonding point.

Four, the living room furniture to put the appropriate crafts, furniture to decorate the selection and placement has a certain demand, in particular, solid wood furniture on the one hand to meet the functional area of the environmental requirements, on the other hand, to reflect their personal value orientation.

Five, wood combination of the living room furniture in placing jewelry should pay attention to the level of color sense, especially some white wood furniture, to pay attention to the combination of crystal jewelry, especially in the living room inside the wine cabinet, crystal jewelry must be the kind of small and fine jewelry.

VI, we will according to the living room lighting conditions decorate their living room furniture and decorations, the living room is more bright words, then white furniture can choose to use green or blue jewelry, if it is solid wood furniture can choose gray and pink jewelry.

After all, because we are Chinese, symmetrical furniture and jewelry placement is the best choice, we suggest that you can put the same furniture and jewelry in a symmetrical manner, Living Room Furniture you can create a pure oriental mood, so your living room will appear atmosphere, and stylish sense.