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Living Room Furniture Reflects The Master's Taste And Self-cultivation

The type of living room furniture: In the living room, furniture occupies the position of the main body, is also carrying various functions of the tool, then, from the ancient classical living room decorate the nave three sets, to the modern various styles of sofa, Living Room Furniture living room furniture more and more kinds, there are warping case, square, armchair, arhat bed, coffee table, Shing, hanging, Bogut rack, Top and a variety of flowers and storage cabinets, all Chinese living room furniture and furnishings will be decorated in the living room of the antique, Living Room Furniture strong cultural charm.

Living room Furniture Features:

One: Emphasis on functional design, simple and smooth lines, color contrast strongly, this is the characteristics of modern style furniture.

Second: A large number of use of tempered glass, stainless steel and other new materials as auxiliary materials, but also the modern style of the common decorative furniture, Living Room Furniture can give people the feeling of avantgarde, unfettered.

Three: Because of simple lines, less decorative elements, modern style furniture needs perfect soft fit to show the beauty. For example, the sofa needs cushion, table needs table cloth, Living Room Furniture bed needs curtains and sheet foil, soft installed in place is the key to modern wind decoration.

Four: No matter how big the living room, must appear spacious. No need for cumbersome decoration and too much living room furniture, in the decoration and layout to maximize the embodiment of space and the overall coordination of furniture. Geometric structure is used in modelling, Living Room Furniture which is the modern minimalist fashion style.

Five: Advocate in limited space to play the greatest use of efficiency. Furniture Choice on the emphasis on the form to obey the function, all from the practical point of view, Living Room Furniture discarded superfluous additional decoration, points. Simplicity, not just a way of life, but also a philosophy.

The living room furniture is decorated as follows:

The living room is a place for the family to entertain and entertain guests. In the living room, the family can sit together, chatting, watching TV, listening to music, talking about life, enjoyable. Not only that, the living room is still entertaining friends and family places, therefore, Living Room Furniture in the living room furniture purchase and decorate must spend some thought, not only to be comfortable and warm and also have a powerful meeting function and entertainment leisure function. The layout of the living room furniture can also reflect the master's taste and self-cultivation.

The color collocation of the living room must take into account the orientation of the living room and furniture configuration, the living room toward the main is based on the living room window orientation.

The color of the living room affects not only perception but also mood. Living Room Furniture The color collocation of the living room mainly depends on the orientation of the living room window, such as the south direction of the living room should be white as the main color, and the west to the living room should be green as the main color. This is because, the south of the five elements are fire, Living Room Furniture according to the five elements of the theory, fire gramgold for wealth, to ensure that the south to the living room wealth, the selection of paint, wallpaper and sofas should be white as the first choice, because White is "gold" representative color, Living Room Furniture is the color of welcome. Western Five elements belong to gold, Kinkmu for wealth, that is to say Munikin wealth, and Green is "wood" representative color, and to the west of the living room in the afternoon sun is very strong, not only hot and dazzling, so with a lighter and eye-pleasing green, the square is suitable.

Learning two: Optional home with exquisite

Furniture is like an actress, and decoration is like a scene. The living room furniture configuration mainly takes in the decoration color, the living room layout and the space size and so on the factor.

From the perspective of residential space, furniture configuration is mainly refers to the living room, bedroom, children's room, restaurant, study orientation and furniture color collocation, style, commodity specifications, jewelry unification.

The living room furniture configuration mainly includes: sofa, coffee table, cabinet and living room decorations and so on. The orientation of the living room is different, Living Room Furniture the living room furniture color collocation requirements are not the same, such as the west to the living room, should be green as the main color to match the sofa, tea table and cabinet, and then decide the style of furniture, specifications of the configuration.

If the decoration does not consider the color of furniture, Living Room Furniture style and specifications, its juice scheme is only a virtual design, and decorate the results and configuration of the furniture must produce contradictions and uncoordinated.