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Living Room Furniture Should Be Optimized

Home furnishings are certain requirements, not how to put on how to put, especially as the living room like this place, as the home of the facade, living room furniture placed to excellence, the living room is mainly large sofa, followed by Is the coffee table TV cabinet, etc., would like to put these appropriate is not easy, Living Room Furniture specifically how to put together to find out about it

Living room furniture size problem:

1 Q: Changsha (real estate) and the distance between the coffee table should be how much?

A: 30cm

It is most appropriate to place a rectangular coffee table (130 * 70 * 45 cm) in front of a sofa (240 * 90 * 75 cm). The ideal distance between the two should be in the case of no need to stand up to the table can easily get the cup or magazine. The following are the same as the "

2 Q: What is the size of the modular TV cabinet?

A: 200 * 50 * 180 high cm

The traditional living room is nothing more than the old three: sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet. But how the layout is great! As shown above, the seat on the living room in the middle of the rules to form a comfortable meeting area; or the sofa and seat placed along the wall, in the middle of the living room to form a space, Living Room Furniture the two ways the least Error-prone.

But usually we are planning to put the living room furniture where you want to think of the main purpose of the sofa in all likelihood is to facilitate people to sit down and chat.

So consider the needs of the conversation area, rather than just think of the arrangement of the seat, after all, the distance between the chair and the sofa can make people more comfortable and more intimate conversation. Try different angles, Living Room Furniture the furniture by diagonal direction can be placed in the face of a unique effect.