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Living Room Furniture With Skills

How to use the living room furniture, in order to use the living room space reasonable, we have to spend a lot of thought, very carefully Caixing, especially in the purchase of furniture, in addition to the sofa, TV cabinets, bookcases and other large furniture Reasonable choice is also conducive to space storage. Living Room Furniture How to use the living room cleverly.

A Chinese style living room furniture how to match

1. Chinese living room with style is mainly reflected in the traditional furniture and decorations above, the color is mainly red and black. A large number of symmetrical layout makes the whole living room elegant style, beautiful shape, strong color. And the calligraphy and painting, hanging screen, bonsai, Living Room Furniture porcelain and other Chinese style of living room can reflect the owners of self-cultivation of life attitude.

2. We say that the details of the decision to success or failure, in the decoration of the Chinese living room above also apply. The details of the decoration mainly from the classical garden, it can give us to create a rich visual effect, so we do not ignore the details.

3. If you intend to renovate the Chinese style of the living room, then we can not be confused in color and style, or will appear neither fish nor fowl.  We all know that most of the Chinese-style furniture, mainly wood, so the decoration should be dark main colors, so as to be able to coordinate with the furniture. In the decoration can not be mixed with other elements of the style, or will affect the overall effect of the living room.

2. Simple style living room furniture with how to match

Simple style won the modern love, simple, named, in the design should be based on simple lines, it is a very kind of feeling. The color is mostly white as the background, and then supplemented by a variety of bright colors for embellishment.

1. A simple table and bright chandelier is an indispensable configuration of the simple living room.

2. Place a cabinet for the debris in the corner of the living room, which looks very retro.

3. In the backdrop plus a place to place the flower pot, Living Room Furniture both decorative effect, you can also clean the air.

4. put some simple pillow on the sofa is very necessary, simple color, simple mood.

Three. European style living room furniture with how

Classical furniture A strong palace color can improve the texture of the space.

1. Living room space can not be small.

Classical furniture, colorful, space is too small will naturally cause the feeling of oppression. If the space is not large, you can also choose a bright color, simple lines of "neo-classical furniture."

2. decorating and furnishings.

You can choose gorgeous curtains, Roman column and other decorating design. Living Room Furniture In the choice of furniture supplies when the style can not pay attention to the gap is too large.

3. Color is not too complicated.

Classical furniture colors are quite bright, pay attention to color, avoid using a lot of colors in a space, otherwise it will make the space is messy.