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Sofa Is The Eye Of The Sitting Room Choose Furniture Must Begin From Sofa, This Is What Logic?

Anxiety is the foundation of life. Most of the time, anxiety comes from not knowing how to choose, not knowing where you are going and not seeing your path.

So many people love to say the Matthew effect: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The stronger will be stronger, the weaker will be weaker. Why is that?

Because the more you know what you want, the faster you will go. And once the confusion, the confusion of the people, the anxiety, difficult to reach the destination. What they need is not effort, but think: how to choose? Is this the right direction?

The same is true for new homes and furniture.

Service high-end owner decorate to 18 years in domestic outfit tended to chat with my friends, complained: "the designer shouldn't dry the industry, to master all style, feng shui, construction, challenge is the most painful emotional intelligence to help solve the disputes of owner of husband and wife." Almost every year there are so a group of customers, because of the wrong furniture couples quarrel make antinomy, cannot tell right and wrong, eventually all: customers spend more money, the effect is not up to, the husband and wife also quarrel, oneself caught in the middle is full of tears.

So, how to choose the right direction?

The furniture focuses on the living room.

This is the basis for finding direction, and if the living room is not set in a good direction, then how to choose can be an anxious ending.

Find the eye of the living room.

Find sitting room furniture is the key of the house, what is the furniture that makes the most effect in oneself family sitting room?

Find your own sofa.

Nine of the ten families will be the most effective will be the sofa, this sofa and their living room match? How to display your taste in the living room? Step by step supporting the furniture of the whole house?

As the furniture of professional advisers said, is the eye of the sitting room sofa, it is to attract attention, sitting room, also reveal master status, the power of wealth, hobbies, and aesthetic tastes of home core products.

If choose furniture does not start from sofa, the household adornment that last is presented come out, often be not a kind, spend money still can not reach the effect of whole satisfaction.

Mr Li, a customer, has always understood these logic. In decorating his four bedroom, 280 square meters of new bedroom, before running the post at most a furniture store, according to his family's future want to feel, the sitting room size, he first is to determine the sitting room sofa; Again according to the style of sofa, colour, decide the adornment of the sitting room adornment style, floor, metope colour collocation, and other area space decorate a style to wait. A complete set of house decoration, whether the sitting room give a person the sense of style, or reveal the identity of the study, warm love the bedroom, colour collocation texture rendering, all seem like nature itself, an endless stream every visiting friend's praise.

"Sofa is the eye of the sitting room, choose furniture must begin from sofa." When you understand this logic, you are not far from the good home.