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The Arrangement Skill Of Sofa Lounge Chair

Sofa Recliner According to the type of decision placed.

1, in general, the House of the Kyrgyz side in the living room gate diagonal 45 degrees South place. If placed in the wrong Feng shui position, the family's health and career are damaged.

2, Sofa Recliner Search the best by the wall, unfavorable to the channel, not behind. From the Feng Shui speaking, rely on the wall, no worries. If the sofa chair behind the doors and windows, channels, no wall can rely on, then formed a leak of the bureau, Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair People's wealth is difficult to flourish.

3, sofa Lounge chair Most afraid of the top. Whether in the living room, bedroom or kitchen are taboo. If the sofa chair has a beam pressure, the impact is very large, must be avoided.

4, sofa lounge chairs to keep clean and tidy, in the financial position of the Sofa lounge chair if the disorder will affect the host's financial ability caused wasteful extravagance.

In order to meet the progress of the times, living in the city's intellectual class and young white-collar pay more attention to their own and the needs of the soul, the pursuit of high-quality cultural life attitude, Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair advocating fashion trends. Therefore, the home in another comfortable sofa lounge chair is essential, then, the size of the sofa recliner is what? Let's get down to the bottom.

The use of solid wood frame material to create lightweight, comfortable, environmentally friendly sofa chair, ergonomic design of the stool to meet the relaxation needs of the human body, this sofa recliner quality hippy fabric, surface smoothness high, anti-scraping strong, more durable, at the same time, Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair can be effective pest control, buckle bacteria breeding, so that you and your family enjoy a healthy family life; the size of this sofa lounge is 123*45*30cm.

Red gold velvet, crystal buckle right armrest, the appearance of this sofa recliner makes people feel comfortable, the seat combination is flexible and free; Korean pure breath and modern elegant fashion perfect fusion, color, craft, collocation are unique perfect design; this sofa recliner 45 degrees side sensory, simple generous, luxurious sedate, appearance scatters elegant charm. The size of the sofa lounge is 1580*700*760cm.

Brief introduction crisp, elegant noble, comfortable leisure, warm and romantic, these a sofa lounge chairs are permeated with thick artistic atmosphere; graceful curve shape, concise and fluent lines, Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair unique personality of the chair back, everywhere embodies the classic exquisite and gorgeous; this sofa lounge chair is exquisite carving, removal of repeated, only the main part of the classical elements to be decorated, more display the kind of product appearance, clarity. The size of the sofa lounge is 1900*720*1070cm.