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The Sandchair Is Excellent In Craft

Many office workers have such energy, noon when you want to take a break, there is not much room, a lot of people are lying on the table to rest, every time after the arm pain, sleep is also very bad, Really different from the one, after the purchase can be very comfortable rest. But also in the use of home life, nice. The most important thing is warm and comfortable. The couch is your nice choice! General sofa chair size specifications?

General size of couch chair

The use of solid wood bed frame material to create a lightweight, comfortable, environmentally friendly sofa loungers, ergonomic design of the stool to meet the needs of the human body to relax, this sofa chair high-quality Western leather fabric, the surface smooth, scratch resistance, ; At the same time, Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair can effectively prevent insects, buckle the bacteria breeding, so that you and your family to enjoy a healthy family life; this sofa chair size is 123 * 45 * 30cm.

Red gold velvet, crystal buckle right handrail, this sofa chair appearance makes people feel comfortable, seat combination flexible and free; Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair Korean pure breath and modern elegance perfect fusion of fashion, color, craft, with a unique perfect design; Paragraph sofa chair 45 degrees side of the senses, simple and generous, luxurious and stable, the appearance of elegant and elegant hair. The size of this sofa chair is 1580 * 700 * 760cm.

Analysis of size of sofa chair

Simple and elegant, elegant and elegant, comfortable and casual, warm and romantic, this a sofa chairs are filled with a thick artistic atmosphere; beautiful curve modeling, Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair simple and smooth lines, unique personality backrest, always embodies the classic exquisite and gorgeous; This sofa chair is stylish and exquisite carving, remove the repeated, only extract the main elements of the classical elements to decorate, even more the appearance of the product cordial and clear. The size of this couch is 1900 * 720 * 1070cm.

The sofa seat on the base of the seat to install a rotating base, easy to rest, but also easy to achieve the pace of the sofa to take things, convenient and safe; Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair this sofa recliner fabric three-dimensional sense of strong, color, texture, gorgeous temperature non-toxic and tasteless Moisture-proof, non-velvet, friction-resistant, flat no time; product material lightweight, comfortable, environmentally friendly, chair ergonomic design of the stool so that we are more comfortable and safe. The size of this couch is 40 * 114 * 55cm.

Sofa lodging flocking fabric delicate texture, stitch stitching uniform and meticulous, excellent technology, the material green natural environmental protection, feel comfortable and delicate, back filled with high-quality doll cotton, full and sleek, give the body full support; this sofa couch texture clear Orderly, sewing process fine; let you leisurely, enjoy the release of leisure time! The size of this sofa chair is 92 * 93 * 98cm.

Sofa sofa chair fabric for the fabric material: good tension, not easy to tear, more durable, corrosion-resistant, and anti-wear performance, without any unpleasant odor; Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair this sofa deck after repeated sterilization treatment, removable wash, with pest control Hiding the effectiveness, wear and other characteristics, we generally recommend only for dry cleaning. This sofa deck chairs with environmentally friendly cotton and high-density rebound sponge, the product structure for the solid wood skeleton, solid, durable and difficult to deformation. The size of this sofa chair is 225 * 80 * 90cm.

The couch has a variety of sizes, such as the size of the European-style couch with a size of 125 * 100. The size of this couch is suitable for a person lying on the top of the curled legs to rest or two people sitting on the chat. Holding a book curled up and lying on the top to see their favorite books drinking coffee or goods with their favorite tea, enjoy their own lunch break time. Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair Feel the world's silence and charm, quietly enjoy the happiness of this time.

The size of the couch is 156 * 78cm, and the curved design adds a unique charm to the sofa. The size of the sofa is just right for people lying on top of the feet on the ground, hand holding the remote control board to see their favorite TV programs. The surface of the brown hair texture of the sofa chair in the winter when it gives a warm feeling, in this soft sofa on the winter night for their own Tim thin bed, nest in the above waiting for their loved ones return.