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The Sofa Chairs Are Nice

Sofa loungers are used for recreation, is a very good choice, sofa chairs according to the different material frame has different characteristics.

Sofa recliner features:

1, sofa chair material

Single sofa / armchair frame:

Plywood frame / file: birch veneer, acrylic varnish

Confined fabric: 100% polypropylene

Armrest cushions: 100% cotton

Seat / back: polyurethane foam 35 kg / cubic meter, polyester filler

Headrest: polyester filler

2, the frame can withstand the weight of 170 kg.

Advantages: birch plywood, curved wooden frame structure, Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair to provide good flexibility;

3, easy to keep clean;

Sofa sets removable, machine wash; bottom plus anti-slip corner, Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair high back to better support the neck.

Sofa chair, as the name suggests is different from the ordinary sofa, it can let you lie down. Sofa couch more suitable for use in the office lunch break or home life, sofa couch how?

Many office workers have such energy, Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair noon when you want to take a break, there is not much room, a lot of people are lying on the table to rest, every time after the arm pain, sleep is also very bad, Really different from the one, after the purchase can be very comfortable rest. But also in the use of home life, nice. The most important thing is warm and comfortable. Recline Home Sofa Furniture And Comfortable Recliner Chair Sofa loungers is your nice choice!

The appearance of the couch chair can be said to open up a new chapter in the leisure industry and furniture industry. The sofa loungers have the practicality of furniture, and also have the casual, high-tech automation design of leisure industry, which can combine these three Together, must be able to enter the market.

Sofa loungers price is not very expensive, most people can accept it! Cost-effective products, of course, more popular!