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Various Space Furniture Configuration, Placement Skill!

Room furniture configuration :(1) single chair can be placed on the left and right sides, but if the left side is the entrance of the door, it is suggested not to put a single chair;

(3) the vertical depth of horizontal space is short, should select a rectangle tea table, tea table shoulds not be too big, can choose side when necessary a few instead of tea table, with "a" word collocation of deck chair or sofa two odd chair.

Dining-room furniture configuration technique :(1) can choose long table to lengthen proportional extension space, or horizontal setting table, let the feeling that has pull wide on the vision; (2) the dining chair should pay attention to the distance feeling after the chair is pulled apart. The distance between the seats is 140cm and the distance of 80cm should be set aside if there is no need to move. (3) pay attention to the distance between the table and the table when the table is open or open, and the depth space above 70cm from the edge of the table to the wall.

Bedroom furniture configuration :(1) the aisle space of the bed and wardrobe determines the opening of the wardrobe, the distance between the door closet and the bed should be kept about 60cm, and the sliding door closet is about 45cm. (2) generally speaking, the bed is not the window, the door is on the right hand side of the bedstead, the window is on the left hand side, the wardrobe is on the right side of the bed; The height of the cabinet is about 110cm, and it is recommended that the light should be placed in front of the windowsill. If there is a condition, you can add a master chair by the bed. (3) bed frame, wardrobe and cabinet are recommended to be scattered on three walls. When you lie down, you can't see the distance and height of the wardrobe corner. The distance is about 230cm.

Study furniture configuration technique: (1) work with desk is enough big, depth of at least 70 cm, good daylighting against the wall, recreational use desk can be slightly lower, can be placed on the middle, can choose soft curved lines on modelling; (2) the bookcase is advised to choose the size of 35 cm deep, or choose to receive double row bookcase to increase space, pay attention to the distance of the table and bookcase stay above 120 cm, the space is too small can add small shelf on the desk.