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What Features Of The Sofa To Buy Knowledge

Fabric sofa living room furniture buying what knowledge, appearance: depends on sofa sizes, ergonomic requirements, on the other hand the size of the space to be considered, based on the space and furniture sofa sizes, normally in the following aspects to determine the sofa sizes.
(1) the seat height: height of the shank and heel height is equal to one, but you can also slightly lower, at 35 to 42CM. Higher than two feet dangling, its cumulative body weight to the leg, back muscles are too tight; too low, decrease the bearing surface of the thigh, will also produce the phenomenon of muscle soreness.
(2) double sofa-the width of the front part of the seat should be higher than 48CM, single sofa seat should be less than the cm 3 seat sofa should be between 140-145CM, the seat depth is 48 and 55CM.
(3) when choosing a fabric sofa, the height of the backrest should then sit down between shoulder and ear, typically, top of the back, starting from the ground up around 68-72CM or so.

-Fabric sofa living room furniture buying what knowledge the second, color: when you buy sofa, its color is also very critical of, typically, decoration color to contrast with the living room sofa color, and other material, the living room furniture to keep consistency.
(1) such as the living room decoration color is dark, so when you purchase the sofa, you need to select some bright, white, Orange, blue and green, and so on, to break the dull feeling of living room space as a whole.
(2) such as floor and wall color for the light series, so buy sofa, then choose a darker, grey, black and Walnut color is appropriate.
(3) metal and glass structure as other pieces of furniture for the living room, then buy sofa, arm and bracket at best for metal, its color depth of color will do.