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What Material Furniture Sets The Sitting Room Better? You Can Choose According To The Five Lines.

Household feng shui knowledge is all-inclusive, there are a lot of things that we do not pay attention to, and many small factors will also affect the overall household feng shui. Small make up today to give everybody introduction is sitting room furniture material impact on household geomantic, everybody when furniture of choose and buy, in addition to the individual be fond of and household style is given priority to, might as well also reference the feng shui factors oh!

1, the sitting room is Yang, have some metal, hard material such as glass furniture, have no problem. But the person is the wood, so everybody likes to go to the place of mountain water and water, return to nature, feel very comfortable. Therefore, the home is generally suitable for more civil, natural materials furniture.

2. In the living room, if the furniture with sharp shape is placed, there will be a brake; Reflective such as stainless steel, copper and other materials furniture, can make people's weather scattered, the spirit is not good; The broken furniture can be old, but it can't be broken. If you are not angry, you should replace it immediately. In addition, when buying sitting room furniture, besides own likes and likes, also need to consult the photograph of five lines of photograph of photograph of the law, build the world that accords with oneself gas field most.

1) water wood, wood fire; Kinkwood, mukesh. Wood, wooden fence, wood and books related to no is wood properties, if someone in the home lack of wood, can be put in his bearing a wooden furniture, for the strengthening of five lines of wood.

2) gold raw water, aquatic wood; Wooden water, water gram fire. Fish tanks, decorative paintings of water and all liquids are water; Blue and black objects also represent water properties to a certain extent. The person of five lines of water shortage, can put fish tank or aquatic plant to adjust in the sitting room of the home.

3) wood fire, fire soil; Water, fire, and fire. Red, hot, luminous, TV, computer, etc., are all five elements of the fire, can affect the surrounding environment of the magnetic field. If someone in the home has five lines of fire, in the sitting room also can put relevant furniture.

4) soil raw gold and gold raw water; Fire, gold, gold. All the gold, copper, sharp and sharp vessels in the home, and white, metallic articles are all gold. The sitting room is decorated to be contracted white household environment, suit the person of five lines short of gold very much.

5) fire raw soil and soil raw gold; Muck, Turk water. The earth is home to represent pottery, stone and so on. It is important to note that the clutter in the home also belongs to the soil. So the home, especially as the sitting room of house door, had better keep the environment clean and clean, bright and ventilated. In addition, wood can be used in the wooden cabinet, which is also a feasible plan.